7 Things You Must Do Before Going Away To College


The summer between finishing high school and starting college is a really exciting time. With high school behind you, you can move onto the next phase of your life – freedom, parties, football games and a seemingly endless supply of people to date. But before you move onto drunken debauchery, there’s plenty to check off your bucket list for your last summer at home.

Drive around your hometown all night with your best friends.

Roll down the windows, blast some music and look for something cool to do. We don’t recommend doing anything that will get you arrested, but there’s something awesome about driving around with your best friends with no destination that is just … awesome.

Hit up all of your favorite restaurants.

This requires no explanation. There’s no substitute for your favorite Mexican restaurant and you’ll miss it more than you ever expected to when you’re 1,000 miles away for months at a time.

Skinny dip.

That secluded lake that you and your friends used to hit up as kids is just perfect to swim in naked – and dare a couple of friends to join you.  Look at your bod. Looks great, right? Well, that’s not forever. Sad trumpet. There’s a very short window of time in one’s life where you can get away with skinny dipping – and that window of time is now.

Check out your new classmates.

Social media makes it really easy to size up people you’ve never met. There’s no harm in checking out which hot girl or guy you might meet the second you set foot on campus.

Confess your undying love to your long-time crush.

It worked for that dorky kid in Can’t Hardly Wait, right? Seriously, you have nothing to lose by telling someone you don’t have to worry about running into a daily basis that you’ve been pining away for him or her over the past few years. Do you really want to wonder “what if?” years from now? And if things don’t go well, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to rebound once you ship off to school.

Do a scavenger hunt with your friends.

There’s no way to say goodbye to your hometown like visiting all of your favorite haunts and important places. Rather than do a boring walking tour, organize a scavenger hunt with friends that will take you down memory lane.

Have one last bash.

As much as you tell yourself that you and your friends won’t lose touch, the reality is that things are changing and this summer is the last time you’ll all be together and completely invested in your friendships. Plan one last party, camping trip or BBQ to get everyone together before you all ship off and go your separate ways.