6 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Pack For College

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Summer is in full-swing and the upcoming school year is probably the last thing on your mind. Chances are good that you haven’t even figured out which bar you’re going to tonight, nevermind what you’ll need to pack for college. Sure, you’ll need all the fun stuff – like a comforter, desk accessories and the latest-and-greatest in dorm room artwork – but there are lots of practical, unglamorous things that you’d be remiss not to pack, like:

Basic toolkit 

If you want to be able to hang those fancy wall decorations that you had to fight off a mob of overzealous Ikea shoppers in order to procure, you’d better have the right tools handy. Hammers and screwdrivers are things that we forget we need until we need to put together a new futon, and are forced to run to the nearest hardware store.

Bed risers 

Storage space is hard to come by in dorm rooms, so you need to make the most of every nook and cranny. To avoid living in a 150-square-foot space with storage bins and boxes stacked in a corner, invest in a set of bed risers. They make it easy to store everything from your winter sweaters to those textbooks that you’re not bothering to read.

Surge protectors and extension cords 

You know what’s annoying? When you go to turn on your desk lamp for a late-night study session and realize that you never plugged it in because there’s no room in the nearby outlet – and the closest available one is on the other side of the room. Make sure that you have an extra surge protector or two and an extension cord lying around, and you’ll save yourself a big headache.


You know what else is annoying? Running out of batteries and being forced to change the television station from the cable box. Stock up!

Electric fan 

Some college students are lucky enough to land apartments and dorm rooms that boast central AC. (To you guys, we say “screw you.”) But many have to deal with disgustingly hot dorm rooms during the first few weeks – and in some cases, months – of school. You could tough it out, shower multiple times a day and sleep naked, OR you could have a fan ready to go on day one.

Hanging closet organizer 

If you’ve complained about your closet space before, just wait until you get to college – your dorm room’s closet will make the one in your childhood bedroom look like a walk in. You can make the most of your limited real estate by investing in a hanging closet organizer. But if you’d prefer to deal with piles of disorganized clothes, we won’t stand in your way.


Dorm room mattress are notoriously uncomfortable. They’re flat, unsupportive and have potentially be slept on by a 300-pound football player. Investing in an EggCrate will save you from sleepless night and loads of chiropractic bills.