Early Prep Must-Dos Before Your First Day Of College


If you just graduated from high school and are entering college in the fall, congratulations on entering what will undoubtedly be the most exhilarating summer of your life. And the build-up isn’t all for naught. College can, most definitely, be the best years of your life and you should be excited.

But before you go into the situation blindly, there’s some research that needs to be done if you don’t want to seem like a clueless freshman on your first day on campus…

Get a lay of the land.

If you live close to where you’re going to school, head over and walk the campus for a day or two to get a feel of where things are. And be sure to keep your priorities straight – as in where the best dining hall is located in relation to your dorm.

Figure out the Greek system.

Not all colleges and universities have a Greek system, but if yours does and you’ve already decided that you want to rush in the fall, do some research into the process and activities. It’ll help you get an idea of your schedule over the first couple of months of school so you’re not going into the process – which can be exhausting – without a clue.

Look for professor reviews.

As a freshman, chances are that you won’t be landing the cool courses and your schedule will consist mainly of things like Bio 101 and freshman writing. But, the last thing you want to do is get stuck with a professor who’s infamously boring and/or difficult because you didn’t know any better. Check out websites like Rate My Professors and Uloop for reviews on different teachers. And don’t forget to pay it forward and post your own reviews once you’re done with classes.

Check out your classmates.

A lot schools post rosters of students in each course online. You’ll definitely want to take a look at that and check out each person’s social media accounts. After all, you don’t want to miss out on being study buddies with the kid who was his school’s valedictorian or sitting next to a hotty in class.

Look into extracurriculars.

Your school will probably have an incredibly overwhelming activity day where you wander around a quad or gym talking to representatives from different clubs about their organizations. Or you could skip all that nonsense, do your research online and contact the people in charge for info on meetings and/or practices.

Get in touch with your roommate.

You and your new roommate have tons of really important stuff to discuss before school even starts. Even if you found out via social media that the person is a total dud that you’d never hang out with socially in a million years, you’ll still need to figure out who’s bringing the TV and if you’re going to split a mini-fridge rental. Try to sort all of that stuff out before you ever arrive on campus to make sure you’re on the same page and don’t end up fighting in your RA’s room on move-in day.