8 Mistakes You’re (Probably) Going To Make This Semester



The first few months of your freshman year are some of the most exciting – and confusing – times of your life. You suddenly have tons of freedom and a million fun activities at your fingertips, but everything is unfamiliar and you basically have to start from scratch building a life. There’s good news: You don’t have to be perfect. Part of growing up means making mistakes and figuring out how to navigate life as a semi-adult. There are a few mistakes that almost every new college student makes, so just go with it, learn from them and don’t make the same lapses in judgment over-and-over.


Blowing off class. No one is taking attendance in those big lecture courses, so that means that your 300-person, 9 am Intro to Bio class is optional, right? Wrong. You need to show up in order to take notes and pass the final, so don’t fall into the trap of sleeping through those early morning courses.


Hanging onto high school. Whether you were the class nerd or football captain, high school is over. People in college aren’t too interested in your past, to be honest, so focus on moving forward and adjusting to your new environment, rather than hanging on to who you were and your old life in your hometown.


Sleeping with the wrong person. We’ve all done it and if you haven’t already, you will, too. And there will be heartache, anxiety and drama. But believe us when we tell you that it’s not the end of the world. You’ll come out the other side stronger and – hopefully – wiser.


Leaving your laundry in the washer too long. Someone will take your sopping wet clothes out of a washing machine and throw them on the floor if you don’t unload shortly after the cycle is done. Trust us.


Drinking too much. This can be a dangerous mistake to make for myriad reasons from horrendous hangovers to ending up in an unsafe situation. Make sure that you employ a buddy system when you go out to shield you from consequences bigger than puking in the communal bathroom.


Spending too much money. The college social world is huge and, chances are, you’ll be going out way more than you ever did in high school. You’ll quickly realize that your bank account isn’t able to keep up with your new social life and will have to adjust accordingly.


Forgetting to call your parents. They took care of you for the past 18 years. Just because you have a super busy life and live 1,000 miles away doesn’t mean you can’t find 20 minutes once a week to call them.


Attaching yourself to one person. Whether you get into a serious relationship right away or just find a super cool new BFF who you do everything with, be careful about limiting your social circle. You’ll regret it in a few months when you realize you don’t have much to do if “your person” is tied up.