Whether your roommate is your best friend or a complete stranger, living with another person is tough. Sharing space with others means that you don’t always get to do what you want – and walking around naked is usually out of the question. And while no one is perfect – and you’re bound to piss people off once or twice over the course of the school year – we have a list of some of the five worst things you can do as a roommate to help you keep the fights to a minimum.


Leave dirty dishes in your bedroom and common areas. As a rule of thumb – always clean your dishes after you use them. Leaving dirty bowls in your bedroom or letting pots and pans stack up in the sink is not just disrespectful to others who live in your space – it’s unsanitary. Just get in the habit of investing five minutes (or, usually, less) to wash dishes right after you use them.


Make noise really late – or really early. Living with people who have opposite sleeping habits as you is really less than ideal, but it’s workable, if you’re both respectful of your schedules. If your roommate happens to be a night owl, but you like to hit the gym early, don’t set a 6 am alarm that’ll blast heavy metal. And if you’re the night owl, stick with a simple desk lamp to study, instead of insisting on turning on the overhead lights.


Have sex while your roommate is trying to sleep in the bed next to you. For the love of God, work out a system so if you’re bringing someone home, your roommate doesn’t have to shrink under his covers and pretend not to hear you get it on.


Be difficult. Part of living with another person is learning to compromise. Understand that everyone is different – and that’s ok. If your roommate isn’t incredibly neat, it’s unreasonable to expect her to Clorox your bathroom in her spare time. But, it is possible to figure out how to meet halfway to ensure that you’re both comfortable in your living space. Don’t be the person who expects his roommate to conform exactly to his way of living – and be willing to stay open-minded and bend a little bit in order to keep everything copasetic.


Avoid bills and/or responsibilities. If it’s your week to clean the bathroom, clean the bathroom. If your roommate sent you a Venmo request for your portion of the electric bill, pay her on time. College affords you with a lot of freedom, but it’s also important that you adult when necessary. Don’t be the deadbeat roommate who stays at his girlfriend’s house for two weeks and then claims he shouldn’t have to split bills evenly. Not cool.


Walk around naked. Just thought we’d throw that one in again for good measure.