BIGWORDS. Your New Best Friend.

Every once in a while it’s important to remind the thrifty masses what BIGWORDS.COM is all about. You are on this site (most likely) because you got a killer deal on textbooks. But what if you got a killer deal on everything you could possibly want? DVDs, blenders, fake snakes, Nike running shoes, yoga mats, Uggs (yes, those ugly fur shoes girls are STILL? wearing?), microwaves, skateboards, urine (yup) and more are all searchable for price comparison on BIGWORDS.COM.  Our Uberbot compares every combination of items you select on every online store while taking into consideration shipping and even promo codes. It’s easy!

Step 1. Search Products

Step 2. Add items to your back pack

Step 3. Click compare

Step 4. Give yourself a high five. You just got the best deal on the entire internet.




(Someone got some ugly furry shoes for half off. Thanks Uberbot!)

If we don’t have it… it doesn’t exist.