How To Spend The Least Amount Of Money On Textbooks Every Semester

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Buying textbooks in the 21st century is a ridiculously stressful process. In the old days, the only option students had to buy textbooks was to make a trip to the campus bookstore, wait in long lines and pay an exorbitant amount of money for required course materials. Today, not only are campus bookstores not the only option, they’re generally not the best – or most cost-effective – option.

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However, it rings true that when it comes to textbook purchasing options, there can often be too much of a good thing. Should you buy or rent? Purchase an ebook or paper copy? Go with used or new? And once you narrow down all those choices, the number of sites to choose from can be overwhelming. It’s a stressful and dizzying process.

So, how can you ensure that you’re making the best textbook decisions and price compare without losing valuable hours out of your life? Easy. Use BIGWORDS.

Search All Textbook Sites At Once– Simply enter your books ISBN number into the BIGWORDS search bar and we’ll take it from there. Our powerful Uber-BOT will scour the Web for the best prices across hundreds of websites, pulling variations on the book you want – ebooksrental, new and used. Not only does help you get cheap prices on your textbooks – it enables you to compare ebooks against rentals, rentals against used and new books, across ALL major textbook sites at once to get the BEST price.

Sample Savings on a $123.00 textbook (not our price)

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Use Our Phone App with Barcode Scanner – If you do happen to be in your school’s bookstore, but couldn’t bring yourself to bite the bullet and drop hundreds on a semester’s worth of textbooks, download the app for your iphone or Android and use the scanner to quickly add the books to your BIGWORDS bookbag for easy price comparing. Using BIGWORDS instead of buying from the bookstore is currently saving students 90% on their textbooks, so if you’re currently crying near a bookshelf, scan the book and get out. We should add that we’ve recently updated our iPhone app to ensure a crash free textbook shopping, so make sure you have the most current version downloaded.

Use Coupons- Chances are you don’t have to do a thing. No promo code searching on the Internet. Nothing. That lowest price we show you is no ordinary low price. That best price also, and automatically, includes all current coupons and deals floating around on the web AND shipping costs.

There will be a rare occasion that you may beat us in our hunt for new promo codes and that’s where our crowd curated coupon feature comes in.

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Simply click “suggest a coupon”, fill in a few blanks to use your coupon, share the wealth and score some free karma!

Using BIGWORDS truly is the easy, most convenient way to purchase textbooks. We’ve even added textbook sites Neebo, Redshelf and Ebooks, to our search results. Making an educated decision on textbook purchasing has never been easier. Sure, you can head directly to your campus bookstore and lug all your new books across campus, or waste hours developing spreadsheets on all of the options and prices available on the Internet. Or you can just let BIGWORDS do all the work for you – and get the books you need delivered right to your doorstep.