Five Of The Most Flexible Jobs For College Students

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The schedule of a college student is all over the place. Between classes at random times of the day, social obligations and extracurricular activities, it can be tough to squeeze in a job – not to mention that minimum wage is hardly enough to pad your bank account. Before you start filling out applications at your local mall, consider a few unconventional jobs that allow you to work flexible hours and make better money than you would flippin’ patties.

Dog walker

Dog walking has tons of benefits. Hours are flexible and the time commitment minimal, you get to hang out with sweet animals, and it can pay up to $20 per hour. And thanks to websites and apps like wag, rover, and, putting yourself up for hire and finding jobs has never been easier.


Are kids more your speed? Parents are always looking for responsible people to help them out with childcare. Pay ranges depending on the family and number of kids, but many babysitters make $10-15 per hour – and it’s tax free. If you don’t know where to start building up your clientele, try posting fliers at local daycares and activity centers, or check out websites like and to find jobs.

Personal assistant

Once a luxury only afforded to the super-rich, everyone from self-employed writers to busy executives are employing personal assistants for as much as $30 per hour. While some of these positions are full-time, many people only need a person for five to 10 hours each week to do things like schedule appointments and run errands. Check out Craigslist and to find gigs.

Elderly companion

Growing old can be lonely for someone who lost a spouse or lives far away from family. There are several volunteer organizations that pair seniors with companions, but there are also plenty of elderly people who hire individuals to not only spend time with them, but run errands, go to doctor appointments and otherwise aid in their daily lives. Websites like provide listings of elders looking for companions.


If you’re a smarty pants, there’s definitely a market for your big brain. Tutoring can be a great way to make extra cash, whether it’s working with your peers, students at other schools, or high school kids. Depending on your skill level, you can generally charge up to $20 per hour.