7 Free Online Certifications That Will Help Your Resume Shine

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Is it already time to hit up internships and start applying for a job in the real world? If college life is quickly coming to a close and the door to adulting is creaking open, you may want to beef up your resume and get it out there asap. But how exactly does a college student with zero experience beef up their resume? These free certifications offered online can definitely help even the dullest of resumes shine in the hands of a future employer.


Google Analytics Academy


Google Analytics may be the most important application that helps a company understand the behavior of their customers, using data-driven decisions. Lucky for you and your future employer, Google offers free training and a certification program for this! The program teaches every aspect of the Google Analytics platform, from measuring social media and marketing campaigns, to a Google Adwords certification program for anyone looking to develop their advertising skills. The course also includes advanced applications of analytics. and an in-depth e-commerce class. All of this is sure to impress anyone grazing your resume.


Color Theory for Artists and Designers

It’s important for anyone working in visual arts (photography, graphic design, art, of course) to understand the concepts of color theory. In only  3-4 hours you can become certified to make creative decisions when it comes to color and light perception and applying the knowledge to any design project, including social media and marketing. Get started (and finish!) this weekend to show employers that you’re qualified to work in this field.


Adobe Creative Commons Certification

Knowing your way around Adobe Creative Commons  suite is without a doubt a must for anyone looking for a job in marketing, graphic design or animation. Enter the Adobe Creative Commons Certification.. This free certification course tells employers that you have experience in all aspects of the suite, not to mention the legality of it all as this certificate program gives insight into the relationship between your work and applicable licenses and public domain usage.


Alison Project Management Diploma

Project management skills are important in almost any profession and industry. This professional certification from Alison offers a comprehensive review of project mananagement such as methodology, tool sets and documentation and the project ife cycle, including analysis, planning, design, and evaluation. The course also includes a neat project mananagement case study.



CodeAcademy is the perfect place for aspiring coders to learn how to program from scratch. Their program includes interactive projects and quizzes and individual courses with topics like HTML/CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Bash/Shell, or Ruby Interactive. You can also start a website or have a chance to partner with other industry technologies.  Learn more about this academy here because there is way too much to include in this bit summary.

WordPress Academy

WordPress is a favorite web development platform because of how ridiculously easy it is to customize…IF you are a developer. But how does a beginner even begin to begin? Enter WordPress Academy, a 30-day certificate program that offers a free trial to their course library, which includes beginner and advanced classes with recognizable certifications and a “Bachelors in WordPress” that is sure to impress any employer who’s blog could use a facelift.


MIT’s Introduction to Computer Programming

With  edX.org, you can enroll in the university’s accredited Intro to Computer Programming course and upon completion, have a very wow-worthy MIT course on your resume. In the course you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of programming languages and data structures, as well as even more in-depth concepts that I couldn’t even pretend to explain, because this is MIT after-all and I’ll leave that to the professionals.