5 No-Nos That Will Get College Grads Fired in 90 Days or Less



As someone who has hired (and fired ) many entry level / college grads I noticed that there are 5 major mistakes a new hire can make that results in termination. These are mistakes you don’t learn to avoid in college and are often learned the hard way. Brace yourself… I am about to be really honest with you.

Not Showing Up on Time. 90% of your job is showing up. I can’t tell you how many employers fire post grads during the first few months of employment due to the employee not showing up on time, calling in sick, and taking long lunches. Buy an alarm clock and be on time! In fact, show up 10 min early.  You are expected to be there on time and eager to work. No excuses

Not Staying Away from Office Gossip. You think just because you are done waiting tables at TGI Friday’s that the drama-rama stops? WRONG! Every office has drama. Stay out of it. It’s a great way to get fired. Rule of thumb is “If you have to whisper it, don’t say it”. Keep your personal thoughts to yourself and you will move ahead in the company a lot quicker.

Skipping Chain of Command. Just because the CEO has an open door policy does not mean you can march in to their office and complain EVER! There are managers and systems in place that you may not grasp yet. Trust me… they are there for a reason and you are not significant enough to throw the system. Respect the chain.. use the chain. It works.

Being in an Office Romance. This ties back to the gossip and you need to remember that some offices are still pretty old-school. Just do not do it especially if the person is in your department or higher on the command chain.  A few drinks & one night out could get messy in a lot of different ways.  In the off chance that this romance is really “the one”, speak with HR right away. Being up front and honest is way better than your boss hearing about it from the guy fixing the vending machine. Trust us, upper management WILL hear about it eventually.

Having a Messy Work Area.  Sure a messy desk can be a sign of a highly intelligent person, I’ve read all of those articles. But for some higher ups, when you look sloppy they unfortunately may think you are sloppy. Make sure your appearance and desk are always neat.  Your new boss will be asking for papers, files, emails, visuals,  etc  all the time. If you can’t put your hands on them immediately you look incredibly unorganized.  I have even walked by a new hire’s car and seen pizza crust and red bulls lining the floor board and seats. YES! Employers notice these things.

I hope this article gives post grads a better chance of holding down their new position as well as help them move up the office food chain. If you want more advice, just watch The Hills Season 1 on Hulu and do the opposite of what those girls do.