Should You Take a Break From Social Media?

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Five great reasons why you should take a social media detox starting NOW:

You might feel happier.

Numerous studies have linked social media usage to feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction. Experts believe that because we tend to put on our best face for our social media followers – showing only our most flattering photos, fun activities and big life achievements – we often have a distorted perception of other peoples’ lives. We also see all kinds of great things happening for other people on social media sites and think that, in comparison, our lives aren’t as great. Unplugging from social media for a while can save us from this kind of unnecessary anxiety.

You’ll have extra time in your day.

Think about all of the time you waste sitting on your couch, mindlessly scrolling through social media accounts. Instead of browsing through (mostly) useless information, you could read a book, catch up with a friend face-to-face (gasp!) or work on that DIY project that you’ve been neglecting.

You’ll care less about what other people are doing.

It’s really easy to see some of your friends hanging out on Instagram and feel left out. Or realize that your ex is dating someone and get upset and obsessive.  Staying off of social media can reduce this curiosity and voyeuristic behavior which leaves you more time to focus on yourself.

You’ll be more present for life.

If you’re concerned with posting your story updates to let everyone know about the great night your having, chances are good that you’re not fully present for the great night you’re having. Social media can be so distracting that we fail to stay in the moment and we can miss out on opportunities, people and memories.

You’ll be less concerned with constant approval.

Who hasn’t been let down by a social media post that didn’t garner a bunch of “likes?” or likes from specific friends or crushes. We’ve become ruled by what people think of us based on their online approval and, frankly, it’s really not normal. Taking a break from social media can break some of the ties you have to what other people think about how you look and what you’re doing. You can just be you – in real life. Because really. F what everyone else thinks.