Where Did All Of The Roller Skates Go?


Are you guys up on the roller skating craze? If you’ve been off Instagram or TikTok for a while, you may not have noticed the mega resurgence of the retro sport. But it’s back. And not only is roller skating back, it has caused a massive roller skate shortage across the world. Would you ever think? Of course you would, roller skating is awesome.


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3 ½ Month Roller Skate Wait Lists

Some roller skate brands are currently hitting 12-14 weeks to ship skates out, with many eager roller-skaters still on the lookout for the skates they ordered in May. Which means newer customers might not see their quads (the rollie kind, not the kind that are attached to our knees) until…yikes…October. So with wait times like this, should you just should forget about roller skating and pick up another sport, say Hobbyhorsing?



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Yes? I mean…maybe? I might be kind of good at that. I mean no. The answer is no. Get your pre-order in now before the word spreads further. There are also a few other brands and shops that still have skates in stock, like sweet customizable skates made using your favorite sneakers.




But All Of The Skating Rinks Are Closed.

Forget about the skating rinks for now, we’re talking about outdoor roller-skating. This is the perfect time to get back into your childhood pastime outside, in public, without feeling self-conscious (all the cool kids are doing it?). And if you’re responsibly social distancing, roller skating outside is the perfect no contact activity to enjoy with friends…6 feet away of course.

Now let’s see what’s in stock or get our names on some waitlists.

Moxie Roller Skates



Moonlight Rollerskates

moonlight rollerskates

Impala Holographic Roller Skates


Rock GT-50 Men’s Roller Skates



Rookie Forever Rainbow V2 Quad Roller skates


Custom Sneaker Roller Skates


Moxier Flower Custom Skate Stoppers