6 Ways To Stay Focused During Your Online Courses

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If you’ll be spending the semester on the other side of a computer screen, there is a good chance something is going to distract you from your online class at some point. Whether that’s living with family again, chatty roommates who aren’t in school this semester, or your cell phone and all of its alluring ways – trying out a few of these tips could help you stay focused. 



Eat Something

There is nothing more distracting and harder to ignore than a hungry belly.  Make sure you have had breakfast or lunch if your class is scheduled around these time frames or at the very least, keep a meal bar or some fruit and snacks on your desk.




Tell Your Family or Roommate You’re “In Class”

Just a simple heads-up that you’re about to start your online course will make anyone think twice about heading to your room if they have something to ask you or are just bored and want to shoot the poo. You can also keep these innocent interruptions at bay by putting a sign on your door that says “class is in session”. Just be honest about its usage or mom will pick-up on the fact that you have the sign up 24 hours and interrupt you anyway and most likely at the worst time.



Remove Your Cell Phone from Your Study Area

If you’re about to hop on the computer to join your online course, turn your phone on silent and leave it anywhere but on the desk in front of you or in plain sight. Even with sound and notifications turned off, it’s probably compulsive for you to pick it up and start scrolling the second you start losing interest in something. Remove all distractions, even the desk toys and Zen Garden. If you must pick up anything, pick up a pen and start taking notes. Doing so will keep you engaged both physically and mentally.



Turn Off The TV

Maybe you like to hear the news in the background. Or maybe you like to hear women scream at each other in various public places across Beverly Hills and New York City. Whatever you have on the TV while you study, read or write…even if it’s on mute…turn it off before the start of your online class, because at some point something on that television is going to distract you. And it could distract you at a key time – when the professor has just dropped some important quiz and exam info, or homework direction.



Change Your Environment

Maybe you’re doing everything you possibly can to keep your attention on your online course, but your roommate’s music, your parents ’ arguing, the cute pet cat who keeps doing the cute stuff – it’s all too much! If you have a basement, a clean garage, a yard or outdoor space, and a laptop, try changing locations, just be sure to scope out other spots before class starts and make sure you have a WIFI signal.



Use Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you lack the option to switch environments when your surroundings are a bit distracting, get yourself some noise-canceling headphones.  Not only do they do the obvious – cancel the noise around you – but it will be near impossible to ignore a professor who is speaking directly into both of your ears.