College Tips: Your Move-In Weekend To-Do List

lastweekend to-do list


Woo hoo! Move in day is complete, so what now? Here are a few things to check off during the last few days before classes officially start.



Set Up Your Online Class Work Station

Pick a good spot, one near outlets or near a window and consider what will be in your background when you’re on video for zoom calls and online courses.  Set out your supplies taking note of anything you forgot or may need to order. Set up your computer. Check the outlets to make sure they are all working and if they’re not, let your R.A know. Make sure your chair is comfortable enough to sit for long periods of time and if it’s not, hit up Amazon for any extra seat padding. Make sure you’re organized from the start with pen holders and folders for papers and a trash can nearby. You may even want to keep a clock on your desk, to keep you from any cell phone notification distractions during a study sesh, when you only needed to check the time.



Hang Up/Create Some Fun Stuff

Hang your cork-board, hang a calendar, cut out some inspirational images and checklists, create a mood board. Hang up a picture that motivates you in some way. Your work station doesn’t have to be stagnant and boring. Adding some of your own personality can make the whole space more inviting and appealing to you, so much so that you may actually enjoy the time spent working there. Maybe, lol.



Practice Your Zoom Calls

Sure you only left mom 24 hours ago. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be ecstatic to hear from you already (trust me, she would.)  To ensure your camera and mic are working properly and that you are comfortable using Zoom, have your parents or friends download the free app on their phones and computers and have some fun practicing your Zoom calls this weekend.



Get Mentally Prepared

Make a list what you’d like to accomplish this year. Set some goals and write them down.  Remind yourself that while it’s a big change, college is new to everyone – it’s perfectly normal to be nervous and that everyone in your class probably feels the same way. Commit yourself to good habits and better time management. Remind yourself to be open to new things.



Enjoy Your Final Days Of Summer Break

While starting college is pretty exciting, don’t take for granted these final few days of summer vacation. Set aside some time this weekend to do nothing at all really.  Lay in the grass of your new campus, soak it all in, relax and enjoy some downtime, because the fall semester can go from zero to sixty pretty quickly.