6 Items to Help You Stay Organized As Your College Workload Increases

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When I was in school, I couldn’t tell you how many times at the end of each class, I would shove my papers recklessly into my backpack, only to have to dig them out later – covered in crumbs, lettuce and grease stains from a lunch that had also been shoved in there at some point. Sure, I was an extreme example of disorganized (I’m better now), but it can happen to anyone who finds themselves at a loss for time, especially when the school year moves along so dang quickly.

First, slow down. It only takes seconds to put something away properly. Next, you can be the most fastidious human on the planet, but if you didn’t buy the right back-to-school items, you could still end up with a proper schoolwork mess. And that mess could cause you to feel terribly overwhelmed, wreaking havoc on what could have been a productive study session.

If your new courses’ notes are already blending into an unplanned paper mâché art project in your bookbag, here are six products that should help you get organized – swiftly.



Cable Clips & Cord Management 

I used to let out a sigh every time I detached my laptop from its power-cord only to watch the cord slide hopelessly into the shadows behind my desk. I sighed because I knew I would inevitably scrape my face or bang my head against the desk untangling and retrieving it. These cord clips were life (and face) saving.



Aluminum Laptop Stand 

Nothing will clear space on your desk faster than a laptop stand. Yay, more room for more notes and more studying 😐





Letter Storage Box

You don’t have to be the kind of organizer who uses 30 different colored sticky tabs or 50 individual file folders for every single assignment – though, wow, do I envy that person. Even just stacking random papers and hiding them, can work wonders on the cleanliness of your surroundings. At least they’re all in one place! They are also perfect for storing art supplies, random room junk and printer paper.



2021 Weekly & Monthly Planner 

Life is just so much more doable when it’s all… “planned” out heh heh (I’m so sorry).  But really, many a successful college alumnus would agree that a planner is a game-changer for staying organized in school. Decluttering your brain is as easy as writing down any date – exams, birthdays, appointments, homework due dates and giving yourself a clear picture of what needs to get done each day or week. You’ll also be less prone to forget important assignments and tests.


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Expanding File Folder 

Three-ring binders are bulky, clunky, and overrated. Use an expanding file folder instead. You can buy one for each subject and divide the folder into sections like “To-Do” “Notes” and “Hand In”.  Or designate one subject per section and use the folder to store all of your notes, for all of your courses.




USB Sticks/Thumb Drives 

Don’t just keep your desk, backpack and brain organized. Keep your computer neat as well. You’ll need an easy way to store, backup and transport files. Sure, you can go with a classic like the one pictured or a whole pack of them, but these days we’re able to make even the most boring, simplest technology fun, so check out some of the more creative USB sticks, like a lipstick tube, rollerskate, ninja, or for the weirdos (♥) – a human thumb thumb drive.