5 Halloween Activities You Can Still Host Or Enjoy This Weekend That Don’t Include A Halloween Rager

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It’s midsemester and chances are, you’ve worked pretty hard to get through midterms and the first part of the school year. With Halloween landing on a weekend, I’m sure the pull to throw on a costume and party hard is strong, but it’s important to be responsible and not flout campus rules, especially at the risk of suspension. Not after how much boring schoolwork you’ve done.

Why not try something different this year anyway? There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday while following the rules, being safe, and keeping others safe as well. Ways that can still include imbibing (if you’re of age) and dressing up as Rick and Morty with one of your friends. Check out some of our ideas.

Scary Movie Night (Outdoors)

If you’re attending college from home (off-campus), with just a projector from Target or Walmart (if you have Amazon Prime you can find a ton of reasonably priced ones in time,) a laptop, and a sheet, you can host your very own scary movie night in your yard this weekend. Tell friends they can come in costume if you’re into that sort of thing or they can simply show up with a chair or blanket and some snacks. You can even drag a TV outside if the weather looks clear, just keep in mind who will be viewing the movie (this includes any neighbors you didn’t invite) and opt for a PG-13 or find a spot where only you and your friends can see the screen. And for legal reasons, keep the movie viewing location at a private residence, rather than blasting it across any random wall in your town or at your campus.


Pumpkin Carving or Decorating Party

Hit up a pumpkin patch during the day with the fam or a couple of friends for an activity in itself, or grab as many pumpkins as you need from the local grocery store and throw a pumpkin carving party in the evening. You can provide candles and pumpkins for your guests or ask them to bring their own, and set up socially distanced workspaces outside for everyone to get creative in. Again, feel free to do this in costume, but if alcohol is involved, opt for decorating the pumpkins with paint, glue and glitter, rather than equipping everyone with carving knives.


Find A Halloween Drive-Through Event

If you’re looking for a low-risk Halloween activity, check your city or campuses paper or websites for car-friendly Halloween themed experiences – think zombie covered streets, drive-in scary movies, or trick-or-treat drive-thrus similar to the one Target is hosting here.


Scary Movie Night (Indoors)

More of a homebody or loner type looking to celebrate the holiday? Time for a scary movie marathon! Not a fan of costumes and parties myself (yeah, I’m that friend), I’m looking forward to eating half a bag of Reese’s PB cups and hitting up all of my streaming services for a couple of low-budget 1980s horrors I may have missed, a repeat watch of Cabin in the Woods and maybe I’ll rent that Stranger Things kid’s movie Spree. But you – or you and your hun, or you and your best bud – feel free to do yous.


Halloween Zoom Bake-off

Autumn and baking go hand in hand, so why not opt for a Halloween bake-off this Saturday night…zoom style. If you’re at home for college, feel free to include any bored family members (maybe mom will buy the ingredients.) Pick out a recipe, set up your phone or laptop to face your counter or stove, invite your friends to do the same and get mixing. Vote on the baked item that turned out the best – show a photo of what it SHOULD look like vs. what yours looks like (don’t forget to really sell it by pretending it tastes amazing even if that most definitely is not the case) Feel free to dress in costume for the event and make it a bake-off/costume contest.


However, you chose to celebrate Halloween this year, celebrate safely and HAVE FUN.