5 Tips To Help You Survive Midterms

5 Tips (1)


Midterms. While there aren’t a ton of shortcuts and ways to sugarcoat the reality of copious amounts of tests and papers you must get through within just a few days of each other, there are some ways to ease the pain.

1 Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine.

Whether your poison is soda, coffee or energy drinks, make sure that you’re fully stocked before embarking on an all-night study session. Nothing is worse than being forced to interrupt the paper writing flow to run to the dining hall for a drink.

2. Get your ducks in a row.

From highlighters to page markers to flash drives, we have everything you need for the most efficient study sessions possible. And if you’ve somehow managed to get this far in the semester without picking up your course textbooks (shame on you), don’t worry, because we have the best deals on those, too.

3. Set up your study spot.

Everyone’s study routine is a little different. If you’re a library studier, you probably have a certain table you’d fight to the death to protect. Some people prefer to go a neutral (and well-caffeinated) location like Starbucks to be the most efficient. Or maybe lighting candles and listening to Bieber in your apartment works for you (No judgment.) Whatever your study routine, get it right and settle in for the long haul.

4. Plan well.

No one’s saying that you need to devise a huge chart mapping out every hour of every day for the two weeks leading up to midterms, but planning is definitely necessary. Prioritize what needs to get done and schedule accordingly, both on macro and micro levels. A lack of planning can lead to wasting entire days – and your time is too valuable right now to deal with that.

5. Maintain your routine of self-care.

We get it – there really aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But there’s something to be said for still getting in a workout or taking an hour to meditate. Whatever it is you do to relax, unwind and distress, grant yourself an hour or so each day to do it. Note: We do not recommend a night of drinking to “reward” yourself in the middle of midterms!