6 Types Of YouTube Channels That Will Help You Chill Out And Relax

Escape through one of these Youtube channels when you need to relax, recharge, or stuck at home but would give anything for a change of scenery. Don’t forget, YouTube isn’t just for the phone. The YouTube channel is available on a smart tv, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation, Apple TV and more, for maximum tuning in and zoning out. So save these recommendations to your watchlist if you’re scrolling by phone right now, for bigger screen viewing later.

Slow Living Vlogs

This was one of my favorite type of vlogs to unwind to pre- pandemic, when I needed a contrast to my fast-paced and quite chaotic daily commute and general running around day and night Manhattan life. Fast forward to now, and you would think I would scoff at the idea of watching something “slow” considering on most of my social distancing days the clock seems to move backwards, but I have almost come to depend on these vlogs the past few months. As mundane as it may seem, there is something ridiculously relaxing about watching someone quietly make an espresso, wrap gifts, fold clothes, slice bread or walk through a market. Like meditation for my eyes. A window into a simple life, where everything just seems good and clean and safe again.


Maysee Vlogs

Maysee Vlogs Channel’s Description:

The Art of Slow Simple Living. Peaceful Living//Silent Vlogs. Find a moment of calm in our fast paced modern world. My vlogs tell a story of an average everyday life, whole-food vegetarian meals and healthy routines. Real sounds, real life. They hope to inspire a lifestyle of slowing down, appreciating the ordinary and living in fulfillment with each moment. A Life & Style Channel. ~M.





I think I need the courage to do the same routine every day. I hope I don’t miss out on the small pleasures of my daily life for future happiness. I take a video and record today in order to invigorate my daily life.


Morgan Long


Hello, friend! My name is Morgan, I’m a recent college graduate trying my absolute best to appreciate the noteworthiness of now, that is, life at this very moment. I’d like to extend a warm welcome to my experience channel– Welcome! I hope you enjoy seeing, first hand, the many adventures I’ve been able to experience in the past two years. You see, there’s a quote that I love by mystery man Herold B. Melchart and a shortened version goes: “Live your life each day, as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.” Whoever this man is or was, his words are very dear to me as they represent exactly how I hope to live my life, from one mountain to the next with the summits in mind but always appreciating the little moments along the way. Oh, and maybe throw in a few videos of it all while I’m at it! Enjoy the view!

Korean Café Vlogs

With an estimated 49,000 cafes across South Korea, you could say that Korean coffee shops and cafes are pretty popular. A frequent meet up spot in K dramas and the real world alike, they are basically the mall of 2020 for young people to socialize in, complete with drinks not only tasty to consume, but ridiculously addictive to watch get made. Put one of these videos on, sit back and chill as you watch a talented barista (and often chef or baker too) film his or her day from store opening, drink, lunch and waffle preparation, to closing up the shop.


Zoe Cafe Vlog


Latte Papa


City Walks

Whether you live in a big city or you’re a travel enthusiast, today’s climate may have made it a lot more difficult to get out and explore the streets as much as you would like to. This is a perfect time to become familiar with virtual walking tours on YouTube. Most vloggers navigate the city alone, so you can be sure your walk will be relaxing, as you wander around a city you’ve been longing to visit, maybe one in a distant country we’re not allowed to even fly to at the moment :(.  Want to step it up a notch? Play one of these videos while you’re on the treadmill and really get your virtual stroll on.



Prowalk Tours


Prowalk Tours is channel that is redefining travel by giving you the best guided walking tours, drone tours and scooter tours. Relax and enjoy a vacation right from the comfort of your own home. Walk through the streets of Naples, Italy. Take a hike up Mt. Vesuvius. Is there a place you’d like to see? Send me a message and I’ll try to make it happen.



Action Kid (there’s talking, but he’s so chill it’s like walking around with your nicest bestie in the whole wide world)

Action Kid’s Channel Description:

Hi everyone! I am a New York City based YouTuber uploading many different types of videos: including but not limited to walking tours, live streams, cycling videos, cultural events, parades, nature, road rage, subway, and others. There’s something for everyone on my channel!



Don’t just sit back and zone out, actually manage your anxiety and worries with a meditation channel on YouTube. Experts will help you learn to quite the negativity and quiet the stressful thoughts. Some channels even offer one-minute mini meditations, perfect for clearing the minds of busy parents or anyone strained for time.


Headpace’s Channel Description:

Headspace is guided meditation for everybody. Download our app from the App Store or Google Play and learn how to meditate, wherever you are, whenever you like. Relax with guided meditation sessions that will help you rest and reset after a long day, let go of worried thoughts with our Stress pack, or create the ideal conditions for healthy, restful sleep with our sleep meditations and sleep sounds. That’s as well as mindfulness exercises for everyday situations like commuting or cooking, dozens of animations like the ones you see on this channel, and eight different meditation techniques, all taught by Headspace’s co-founder, Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk. With hundreds of hours of content, Headspace is your personal meditation guide to just about anything.


Background Ambiance

Turn your tv into a window to an English garden, an oceanfront bedroom, a cozy coffee shop or you know, a sitting room in the house of Ravenclaw complete with a cracking fireplace and Wizarding World music, because why the heck not? Ambient channels make the perfect background for study sessions, book reading, or simply relaxing in general when you’re stuck inside, but longing to change your environment or mood.

Calmed by Nature

Calmed By Nature creates audiovisual experiences for quality sleep, deeper focus, and calming relaxation. From beautiful natural landscapes to magical cozy places, our videos will transport you to variety of creative locations to stimulate your senses and ease your mind. It is our belief that listening to relaxing white noise and nature sounds is an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety while promoting mindfulness and mental well being.



Ambiant Worlds

Ambiant Words Channel Description:

Enjoy the peaceful and nostalgic atmospheres of some of the most famous fictional worlds. From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Middle Earth, you can relax, study, or sleep while experiencing the wonderful ambience and music. For more great content, check out my second channel Ambient World Films (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi-aFgvnNLJSHBCiBYiGLlw)




Ultimate Ambient Noise Soundzzz

Ultimate Ambient Noise Soundzzz’s Channel Description:

I created this channel for you as a natural alternative to sleeping aids and to help you relax, refocus and rejuvenate at the end of your day. As an up and coming artist, I have spent most of my hours creating visual effects as well as recording and composing audio sounds in the hope that you will find peace and stillness at the end of your busy and tiring day. This channel can be used as amazing background noise while you fall asleep, for studying, or working on your next job assignment. If you love the sounds you hear and there is a video you really love here, please let me know. Please remember to subscribe for more videos and share with your friends. Thanks for listening. Unlimited Soundzzz for you 🙂




ASMR Weekly

ASMR Weekly’s Description:

BCMG Café Music’s Channel Description:

We are making Cafe music. All songs original songs. We play all the songs. What is BGMC? Morning. Gentle light that shines through the blinds. One glass of water after waking up… These things are too ordinary in everyday life to be conscious. But we can’t live even if one of them is missing. “BGMC – BGM channel” has been providing music, hoping to be like them. Though it is colorless and transparent, we want to make the listener’s daily life as colorful as possible. That is the essence of the music we deliver. Light, water, wind, and BGMC A new value for music.

Formed in 2013, our band consists of four members: pianist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Saxophonists, trumpeters, and vocalists sometimes join us in case we want to add to our sound. We mostly perform original songs each member composed, wishing to make people feel pleasant at anytime, anywhere and any scene in everyday life by our music. We never stop creating; we compose, perform, and record music every day! We hope our music will reach as many audiences as possible.


Luxury Resort Vlogs

I mean, again, if you’re stuck inside or lacking in the funds department, why not take a vicarious trip with a 1%’er and explore an 8k a night resort and private villa complete with its own private pool and slide that sends you into the middle of the ocean. Just don’t become envious, this is supposed to be a stress free moment.  Plus, almost no one lives like this, so let it go. Sit back, relax, take it all in and chill in your new private Italian castle or beach bungalow for the day.


Luxury Travel Expert

Luxury Travel Expert’s Channel Description:

Hello there and welcome to my travel vlog! I am not part of the travel industry. I am a doctor with 2 passions: my work and travel. My travel vlog aims to be a reference source for fellow travelers with the same spirit. There is an avalanche of travel websites, reviews and agencies out there, that can inspire the discerning traveler but also cause a lot of frustration and confusion (“too many choices!”; “is it worth it?”; “will it fit my taste?”). I filter all that information into this vlog about luxury travel, based on my own travel experience. Each Saturday, I upload one new (flight or hotel) clip about my travels around the world. You can also subscribe to my travel blog (3 newsletters per week) using this link: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/follow-me/ – Monday: top 10 travel lists – Wednesday: reviews of luxury hotels & Business/First Class flights. – Friday: travel news, guides, contests & tips for luxury travel on a budget