Dopey Study Habits You Have To Just Stop


Your study habits (or lack thereof) can make or break your test performance. To avoid spinning your wheels and (hopefully) give your GPA a boost, avoid these crappy study do nots. (Not donuts. Never avoid donuts.)

Very Bad Study Partners.

Best friends are great, aren’t they? They are always available, they come over to help you study, you can laugh about stupid sh*t no one else finds funny, they’ll stalk investigate your frenemies social networks with you for hours and they help you forget all about that terrible class and that awful test tomorrow. Wait. Why did you ask them to come over? The point of a study buddy is to enhance each other’s knowledge and get prepared for a test, so select a study partner wisely, choosing someone you get along with, but who is also a serious student that won’t distract you.


We know, we know. There are so many more fun things to do than set aside time each weekend to study. Like….everything else but studying! Like it or not, you’ll be grateful that you spent an hour or two every weekend reviewing your notes to ensure that you truly absorbed the knowledge you learned in class. Cramming doesn’t provide information an opportunity to stick – and doesn’t give you time to discern your weaknesses and work on them.

Studying With Your Favorite TV Shows On.

True – some people need background noise to study – but keeping a television on while you’re reviewing biochem notes is distracting and not your best option. If you need noise, put something on Spotify.

Inefficient Note-Taking.

We get it – the information your professor provided during class made sense to you, so you didn’t see the need to write it down for later review. Ya. You actually did need to. Trust that what made sense today will barely make sense a month from now. Write it down. Also, if a professor mentions something in class, there’s a good chance that it will show up on an exam – which makes it worth WRITING DOWN. 

Pulling All-Nighters.

While it might seem necessary, with better planning, it’s not. And you know that. Staying up all night leaves you feeling like a walking poo the next day. So now you and your brain are super sleepy. Fabulous. Go take that really hard test now. 

Falling Down A Social Media/Internet Rabbit Hole.

Everyone is allowed to take a break from studying. But it’s really easy to waste precious hours by stalking the Instagram of your ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend hey I wonder what that kid who said that mean thing to me in 3rd grade looks like now. Avoid social media as much as possible and should you find yourself slipping into a social media hole, force yourself to shut down your browser. Everyone’s streams of endless narcissism will still be there for you to mock after your test.

Studying + Alcohol

Maybe you’ve said this, “I really write better after I’ve had a drink or two.” The answer is that no, you probably don’t you little liar.  And “rewarding” yourself with alcohol after a long day of studying has the potential to lead to hangovers (or a drinking problem) – which can result in losing a full day of much-needed work. It’s best to avoid drinking altogether on study days. If you are dying to go out to reward yourself, make sure you can really stick to a “one drink” rule – otherwise, water, soda and coffee should be the only things on your menu.


Study time should remain just that. Throw your phone across the room  (bye phone!) or leave your precious in your bag, Gollum, to avoid text and phone call interruptions, and don’t try to use the 30 minutes of quiet while your roommates are out to clean up the apartment. Create a schedule for yourself on study days to avoid trying to multi-task when you should be focusing.