50 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Right Now.

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Holy cannoli (mmm), what a week it’s been! If you’re feeling anxious or upset today, you’re probably not alone…though I doubt knowing you’re not alone in your agony is going to make you feel any better. Can’t remember a time I cried, and someone was like “Hey, it’s okay Meghan, soooo many people are in pain right now.” that I instantly felt better. I guess my misery just doesn’t like company.

Let’s try a few things that will make you feel better.  RIGHT. NOW. Right the heck now.

And of course, feel free to bookmark and visit this page again, ANYTIME you feel stressed and need a pick-me-up during this warped and chaotic year. But if you’re really feeling down, please talk to someone! There’s no shame in the sharing your feelings game when it comes to your mental health. Reach out to a counselor, a friend, a parent or talk to a stranger who will be happy to listen.


1. Sing (yell? scream?) a song with all your heart and soul.



2. Dance to some music or your favorite dance song.



3. Go through your things and make a bag or box of stuff you’d like to donate. Lookup a drop-off spot or call for a pickup.



4. Go for a walk outside and leave your phone behind or keep it in your pocket. Thoroughly enjoy all the nature around you.



5. Learn to say one kind thing about yourself or someone you love in a new language.



6. Pet or play with your dog or cat, bonus* you’ll make them happy too.



7. Don’t read the news for a few hours or for as long as you can manage.



8. Look at images on your phone that make you feel good – animals, places you’d love to visit, pictures of nature.



9. Go for a light jog.



10. Read one page of your favorite book (if it’s a classic, you can probably find it for free on Kindle or iBooks.)



11. Light candles.



12. Watch a stand-up comic routine on Netflix.



13. Make your bed.



14. Call or text a friend who makes you laugh.



15. Take a shower.



16. Watch the sunset or sunrise.



17. Meditate for 5-10 minutes. Try the app/site Headspace.



18. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, listen to them a bit as you add them to the list.



19. Watch a calming YouTube vlog – think Hygge, slow living, cottage life, someone drawing, painting, or playing classical music.



20. Paint, draw or color something in. You can print pages to color off the internet for free.



21. Make a warm cup of tea, coffee, lemon water, golden milk, whatever you like – and really savor it.



22. Listen, really listen, to music you love. Listen through headphones or loudly on your speakers. Listen to every word and every note. If it’s a favorite song, close your eyes and remember a time and place the song reminds you of.



23. Take a 5-10 minute nap.



24. Bake something simple.



25. Water all your plants.



26. Listen to a soothing story on the app Calm or let Harry Styles relax you to sleep.



27. Change your sheets.



28. Take a bubble bath, with candlelight and/or essential oils, play spa music.



29. Try some light yoga or stretch for 10-15 minutes.



30. Listen to an inspiring Ted Talk.



31. Declutter one place in your home.



32. Watch your favorite movie.



33. Clean up your community and pick up some trash around your apartment/neighborhood or park.



34. Start a new book.



35. Video chat with someone you miss.



36. Look at old photos from good times in your life.



37. Make a gratitude list.



38. Skateboard, roller skate (if you were blessed enough to get a pair) or go for a bike ride.



39. Sit outside in nature – without your phone.



40. Put on a nice outfit – even if you have nowhere to go.



41. Lay down and think of a happy moment (or as many as you can) from your past.



42. Go for a drive with the windows down.



43. Make a list – of movies you want to watch, books you want to read or places you want to visit one day.



44. Call or text your most supportive family member or friend.



45. Eat something sinfully good. Just don’t make this a habit



46. Sign up for a class and learn something new. Try Skillshare or follow a creator on Patreon.



47. Breathe. Close your eyes and just breathe. Deep breathes in and out. Count to 10. One… breathe in, two…breathe out. Three…breathe in… four breathe out….Then count down from 10. Ten breathe in, nine breathe out. Repeat for as long as you like.



48. Do a jigsaw puzzle.



49. Make a gratitude list of everything you are thankful for.



50. Open your shades, curtains or windows to let the light or fresh air in.