Five Ways To Thanksgiving If You’re Stuck On Campus This Year

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Whether you’re involuntarily stuck on campus or simply heck no’ing the idea of a big family Thanksgiving this year, we have a few other ways to keep you occupied – so that you’re not curled up in a corner of your dark, empty, bedroom desperately tapping McDonald’s hamburgers into your cart on Seamless this Thursday.


Run a Virtual Turkey Trot

Turkey Trots are really fun ways to kick off Thanksgiving Day but to help people practice social distancing, virtual Turkey Trot races have popped up this year. These races give runners the chance to participate in a race safely and get some sweet swag shipped to them (along with medals and certificates…the whole shebang)



Nearly every city in the U.S. – big and small – have opportunities to volunteer in soup kitchens on Thanksgiving Day. If you’re not sure which organizations near you are in need of help, a simple Google search can give you options of churches, homeless shelters, and other venues welcoming the less fortunate for a Thanksgiving meal.


Organize a Friendsgiving.

Been keeping to the same small group of friends throughout the school year and pandemic? If a few of you are stuck on campus this Thanksgiving holiday- why not put together your own potluck this Thursday and watch some cozy fall-themed movies.


Have a staycation.

No doubt, there are tons of things you planned to do when you arrived at school in the fall, like hit up museums or have an all-day movie marathon, but there are always a million social events that preclude checking these activities off the list. Take advantage of the quiet around campus and plan to get a few things done that you never have time to check out.


Get ready for finals.

We know – this is so unappealing. But there’s no better time to prep for your upcoming exams than when you’re distraction-free and have nothing but time. Organize your notes, get started on outlines, and put together a study schedule that will keep you on track for those final weeks of classes.


If you’re not planning to go home this Thanksgiving, how are you going to spend the break? Any suggestions for other students who might not like any of our ideas, but want to find activities to fill their time this Thanksgiving