50 (Mostly) Productive Ways to Spend Your Winter Break



There might not be a whole lot of catching up with your hometown friends this year which could leave you with a lot of idle time on your hands during a rather long winter break. You could always hang out with your parents *gasp* but if you didn’t head back home this holiday, or you’re not really into around-the-clock parent hangs, try something (or a bunch of things) from this list to keep from getting bored over the next few weeks.


1. Create a LinkedIn account


2. Take a free Nikon Photography class


3. Start a new TV series


4. Bake holiday desserts to share with the fam


5. Read (and finish) a new book or two


6. Try an online Bootcamp


7. Learn to shoot a stop motion video on your phone


8. Redecorate your room


9. Decide on your New Year’s Resolution


10. Clean out your car


11. Get a Red Cross certification


12. Play a board game with your family


13. Make some fancy hot chocolates


14. If you’re 21+, make a fancy Holiday/New Years cocktail or gingerbread people jello shots!


15. Get your car washed


16. Have a spa day at home


17. Learn to create and edit videos on your phone for YouTube, social media or make your own movie.


18. Make a scrapbook


19. Go ice skating


20. Find a new hobby


21. Clean out your closet


22. Sell old clothes on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari or Depop


23. See a drive-in movie


24. Donate clothes, toys, gadgets


25.Take a nap, then take another one and another


26. Make smores


27. Make a favorite songs playlist


28. Go on a long drive and listen to your favorite songs playlist


29. Learn how to budget


30. Call your grandparents


31. Create music playlists for a few different holidays


32. Make a vacation list of places you’d like to visit


33. Make a hot soup


34. Start a podcast


35. Learn to use Photoshop


36. Go stargazing


37. Go to a museum


38. Clean up your email inbox – delete emails, unsubscribe from email lists


39. Update your resume


40. Look for a job


41. Resell your old textbooks for the MOST money back


42. Get a head start on your spring semester


43. Apply for scholarships


44. Look for a summer internship


45. Give your dog a bath


46. Take a free pasta making class


47. Learn how to boost your happiness hormones


48. Help your neighbors – run an errand, shovel snow, get groceries.


49. Research grad programs and requirements


50. Create an at-home exercise routine you can stick to