Best Gift Ideas for A College Student In 2020 (Things We Actually Want)



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Just a few ideas if your college-aged friend or family member has left you completely clueless this year. Keep in mind that compares prices on EVERYTHING, not just textbooks. So, if you’re feeling a little cash-strapped because 2020 did indeed suck on many levels, most items on this list can be found through our website for less with just a quick search.


Bluetooth Headphones (Good Ones)


Nothing is worse than the sound of music or an audiobook voice shooting through cheap tinny speakers placed directly inside or on top of one’s ears. It really is awful and distracting. Invest in a good pair of headphones for you or the college-aged giftee. Bonus points for being able to move around freely to listen to a book, exercise, or just hear some music while tidying up the room – without accidentally catching the cord and ripping the earphones off your head.


 apple airpods

Apple Airpods

audiotech headphones black


Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT



2-Way Coffee Brewer

They may think they want a Nespresso maker until they realize they may not be able to afford the plethora of spensie coffee pods that pop into it. This machine might be better. The single-serve half of the maker will get them to class with a caffeinated beverage, but the whole pot will get them through an entire night of studying. It’s just…perfect.


hamilton beach two way coffee


Hamilton beach 2-Way Coffee Brewer, Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot


Record Player

No, it’s not practical, but it is cool and something a student (or anyone) would really want but wouldn’t be able to buy him or herself at this time. And it’s one of those have forever type of gifts. Annnd I take it back. It is practical. We need music in the background to study. Crisp, clear, sweet vinyl music.


record player

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Turntable – Navy



Video Game Gift Cards

The Pandemic has taken a lot of fun things away from college students. But it didn’t take away their video games. And video games just may be the one thing helping many of them through all of this.


steam gift card


Steam Gift Card (for PC gamer)


Xbox Gift Card


Playstation Store Gift Card



Whether new or used, the papery, hold-in-your-hand books are in again and there are very few college students not looking for a good one to escape into. Help your college friend, child – or you – escape the confines of a childhood bedroom or quarantine dorm room. Don’t forget to use to find any book you’re looking for. Our price comparison checker will locate the best deal on the web. Finding a cheaper book only means you’ll have more money to buy more books!


graphic novel

J & K. by John Pham Graphic Novel (Described as “The story of two idiots trying to navigate the modern world…”)


Socks and Underwear


Socks and Underwear make perfect stocking stuffers because everyone needs them, but most college students don’t want to spend their precious money to buy them.  Fact. Bears eat Beets.



Nike Plus Cushion Socks



Lounge and Sweat Sets


Plenty of college students were already wearing sweatpants and pajama pants to class before the pandemic hit, but now it’s basically everyone’s uniform. So why not a matching set? Or many sets! Or all the sets! Seriously, loungewear and sweat sets are just who we are now.


navy co or cosmic

Misguided Cosmic Jogger Set

men jogger set

ASOS Men’s Oversized Hoodie and Sweatpants Set




Printed Juniors Sleepwear Set



pajama set




Online Subscriptions

A music subscription, some HBO,  audiobooks/books, or a little culture in the form of a magazine could make all the difference to a college student who’s been forced back into their small study spaces – away from their friends and fun – more times than one would like to remember this year. And who knows how many more months to come.

A lot of these subscriptions can be bought in smaller 1-3 month increments if a year is out of your price range.


the cut

New York Media Subscription







Book of the Month