50 Tips That Will Help You Stay On Track This Semester

stay on track

Looking for an improvement on last semester? Try one, some, any, or all of these tips (ok kinda nuts, but very impressive) for better grades and general college survival.



1. Wake Up at the Same Time Daily


2. Make Your Bed


3. Remove the Clutter from Your Floor


4. Make A Goals List


5. Use a Planner


6. Plan Your Week Out


7. Plan Your Month Out


8. Keep Your Planner with You


9. Create A Study Schedule


10. Plan Your Day the Evening Before


11. Keep Everyday Items on Your Desk


12. Make A List of Internship Application Due Dates


13. Hydrate – Buy A Water Bottle


14. Start or Join A Study Group


15. Mark “The Days Before Its Due” In Your Planner, red pen the day it’s due, blue and black a few days before. 


16. Learn A Bodyweight Exercise Routine That You Can Do Anywhere/Anytime


17. Charge Your Phone and Laptop While You Sleep


18. Schedule A Day and Time for Grocery Shopping

 morning (1)

19. Label Your Cords


20. Use Cord Holders To Keep Cords From Slipping Behind Desk


21. Schedule Your Chores


22. Save Your Syllabi For Future Study Reference


23. Upkeep an Assignments List 


24. Research Writing Projects in Advance


25. Keep a To-Do List


26. Learn to Say No To People – Prioritize Your Priororities


27. Spend 5 Minutes A Day Cleaning


28. Don’t Multitask


29. Take A Social Media Detox


30. Sell or Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear To Free Up Space


31. Find the Time of Day You’re Most Productive – And Schedule Homework and Study Sessions At That Time


32. Pack Your Backpack the Night Before


33. Buy An Extra Phone or Laptop Charger for Your Backpack


34. Keep a Packed Backpack of Study Supplies


35. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before


36. Have A Note-Taking System


37. Place Keys in The Same Place


38. Get Good Sleep


39. Use the Pomodoro Study Technique or a Timer


40. Give Yourself Deadlines


41. Check Email Three Times A Day


42. Clean Out Your Email Once a Week


43. Back-Up Your Computer


44. Hang Shelves and Utilize Wall Space To Free Up Desk Space


45. Use A Whiteboard for Weekly Assignments and Tests


46. Use A Different Color Folder or Binder for Each Class


47. Abide By the “Take It Out Put It Back” Rule At Your Desk


48. Meditate Daily


49. Practice Yoga


50. Try to Become A Minimalist