Where You Should Be Buying Your Textbooks … For A Lot Less


With the spring semester gearing up, it’s definitely in your best interest to face the music early and shop for your textbooks now. Because as much as you don’t want to buy them, waiting to purchase your books at the start of classes means you could very likely get stuck paying full price at a campus bookstore or online website, as the cheaper copies would have already been bought.

So, where should you start looking for cheap textbooks online? There are tons of options available to college students today, from “old faithful” Amazon to sites dedicated to buying, selling and renting college textbooks, like Chegg and TextbookRush.com. However, you could waste hours scouring the Web for the best deals among all of the great options available … and that’s where we come in.

Have you ever used Kayak to find the best deals on plane tickets? Well, BIGWORDS is the Kayak of the textbook world. Our search engine scours the entire Internet and returns results from all the websites where the books you need are available – enabling you to easily compare textbook prices at the click of one button. By searching for textbooks through BIGWORDS, students generally find books for 35-45% less than they would using other sites and can save a whopping $1000 each year on average. (That will fund some great, socially responsible, parties or you know, help you buy more textbooks next semester. )

And we don’t just search the Web to save you money on purchases. BIGWORDS also has a “consider buyback value” feature that enables students to check out the sites that will buy their books back at the end of the year. Through this mechanism, students not only know what they’ll save today, they get a glimpse of the money they can potentially make if they choose to sell back their books in a few months. This provides buyers with a better idea of which vendor is the most cost-effective option.

Still not convinced you want to take an hour away from your precious last few days of summer to get the cheapest deals now? Well, we understand and you can certainly go ahead and wait until the campus bookstore opens in a few months. But, keep in mind, students save, on average, a whopping 90% when they use BIGWORDS instead of traditional campus bookstores. You may just want to avoid them in general if they happen to be crowded during that hectic first week of school. Wouldn’t you rather pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, search for the books you need online, and have them delivered to your doorstep? Yeah … that’s what we thought.