ReFresh Start: Refresh Your Dorm Room or Study Space Vibe This Semester With These 9 Items

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School is back in session! Yay? To avoid feeling like your school life is on repeat, give your study area or dorm room a little refresh. A ton of decor and organizational items can be found on for less, we’re a price comparison site that finds the lowest price of anything you’re looking for, not just textbooks. Speaking of textbooks, if you haven’t bought them yet, make sure to skip the campus bookstore. Use BIGWORDS to search every major online textbook site at once to find the cheapest copies of your new, used, ebooks, and rentals.

BTW January is National Get Organized Month – maybe that will inspire a cleanup and redo.


New (affordable) Duvet Cover

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Swap out your old duvet cover for a different color or pattern, it will instantly refresh the vibe in your room. And maybe also do it because you spent most of last semester hiding from roommates and family members and ate in bed way more times than you should have.


Organizing boxes


For the random stuff that starts to pile up in your small space, making you feel overwhelmed during study and homework sessions. Begone (or at least out of site) room junk.


New Mousepad

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Head to Society6 for literally any mousepad image you can think of that screams YOU and personalize your space just a little more this semester.


Woven Laundry Basket

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The phrase “you get what you pay for” never felt more true if you tried to save some cash and opted for a cheapo mesh laundry basket. Time to upgrade with something just as affordable, but a lot more sturdy and good looking.


Upgraded Pen Game

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These are our favorites for jotting important dates and assignments down in our planner. They don’t bleed through and the color assortment delivers.




New Planner

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Speaking of planners, this one by Emma Chamberlain will jazz up (yes, I’m 90) your desk and is perfect even for the laziest plannee (?) since it doesn’t contain any dates, months, or years. Forgot to plan all of January? No worries, use the first calendar page for February. Forgot to use it at all this year? That’s cool, it’s still usable in 2022.


Desk Chair

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This one comes in a ton of in vogue colors and has a not-so-bad price tag. I like the brown one because it coordinated well with all my plants. It also made my study area look put-together and regal AF.


Area/Throw Rug


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You’d be surprised how one rug can change the feeling of a whole room. But it does! And the vibe can be reversed in the fall when you…wait for it…remove the rug. Ooo Aaahhh.




Assuming you have sunlight to keep them alive, get a plant or fifteen. Not only do plants instantly make your room look modernly decorated, they clean your air and help you breathe better. Plants. They’re so kind. P.S I linked one that’s the hardest to kill, cheap, and can be propagated – meaning you can make more (FREE!) plants from its cuttings!